Q. I just found out that my new office really goes overboard on celebrating Halloween. Everybody decorates their cubes and wears costumes. I've only been here for five months, and I'm not sure what kind of costume to wear. Help!

A. One starting point is to ask people who've been with the company longer than you have what they've worn in the past. You can also ask them about anybody who's gone over-the-top and judge from their reactions whether that person went over-the-top in a good way or a bad way relative to the tone of the office.

Generally, it would be best to avoid costumes that restrict vision or movement too much. It's good to have fun at work, but don't let the fun or the costume get in the way of the work. Similarly, make sure you choose a costume that isn't too revealing or risqué for an office environment. In the workplace you want to command respect, and some costumes that might be fine for a party wouldn't play as well in an office.

We've opened a thread on our networking boards for this question. If any of our readers have any costume ideas or would just like to talk about what they or other people in their office have worn in the past, we'd love to hear from you.

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