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Taking Advantage of Job Fairs

Job fairs are opportunities to introduce yourself and network with businesses and to get in "face time" with potential employers. When you are attending a job fair you should always have a plan of action. Whether you want to meet key people, learn more about a company or set up interviews, following your plan can lead to establishing contacts and even a job offer. Meeting recruiters in a job fair environment is one of the more informal, low pressure situations job seekers will find themselves in. However this doesn't mean you can afford to take a job fair lightly and "wing it."


Dealing with a Monster Boss

They don’t need the excuse of Halloween to lurk malevolently in the hallways, scream bloody murder or just make you uneasy – at least as far as your career and job performance are concerned. They are Monster Bosses, and we’re all bound to encounter at least one in the course of our professional lives. If you feel you work for someone who loves to give harsh criticism, steals your ideas, passes the buck, or generally does things that make your workday unpleasant, you are not alone. In fact, a 2003 study revealed that one in three employees think they have extremely difficult bosses. The good news is that there is always a solution for dealing with sub-par superiors.


Book Review

Choosing or changing a career is a major life decision that makes us ask tough questions about ourselves. "Our right work is just as important to personality wealth and growth as the right nutrients are for our bodies," writes Sinetar. The often overlooked part of the "do what you love" formula is figuring out what you love to do. Do What You Love devotes time to helping you discover your fundamental livelihood and how this can lead to a rewarding position in your field of choice.


Question: I have already registered and went through the interview for AppleOne. I ended up taking another job but am now wanting to use AppleOne again to find another job. Do I need to do the interview and everything all over again?

Answer: If you're returning to the same office, and the same AE is there, reintroducing yourself and making them aware of your availability may be enough. But, I wouldn't be asking if you need to be doing the interview again. I'd be asking if you should, and to that, the answer is probably yes.


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Question: Are you going to wear a costume to work this Halloween?


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