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Internet Your Way to a New Job: How to Really Find a Job Online
by Alison Doyle
Happy About, 128 pages, $17.95

Let's face it — in today's frenetic job market you're at a deficit without an Internet presence and an online strategy. Video resumes and professional networking Web sites like LinkedIn, are just two of the recent Internet developments for job seekers that have caught on and gone viral. Internet Your Way to a New Job doesn't dismiss the importance of face to face networking and interviewing in person. Instead, it thoroughly explores the online world as a vital resource for career seekers and shows you how to take advantage of opportunities without making things too complicated.

The cornerstone of any job search begins with building your own professional brand. Doyle shows you how to integrate your social network into your professional one, and more importantly, covers when it's better not to reveal information about your personal life and career history. Ever wonder what will a potential employer see when they conduct a Google search on you? Internet Your Way to a New Job shows you the best ways to share and control this information simultaneously while your personal brand gains traction.

Experts give candid explanations about how to use the latest technology to get noticed on the Web. Doyle discusses tactics to use whether you are actively or passively looking, and she doesn't steer clear of current, hot button topics like protecting your personal privacy. If businesses can become increasingly efficient on the Web, the author sees no reason why individuals can't mimic their approach to get the most out of their time and resources.

One of the best things about Internet Your Way to a New Job is that it speaks to young job seekers just out of school and more mature professionals close to retirement. It goes beyond the one directional outward search for jobs and instructs on how to create an online presence so people will be looking for you. Doyle includes case studies, real life scenarios focusing on etiquette, and interviews to make her case. If you're launching a job search and wondering how the Internet fits into your strategy, this book is a great place to start.