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Q. I read your story last month about Facebook. You mentioned that you can use sites like that to further careers. I set up a profile, but now I'm not sure what to do. Help.

A. The power of these sites is in their ability to connect people. So, having set up a profile, the next step is to start reaching out to people you know from school or previous jobs or clubs. Your job at this point is to focus on developing a very robust network of everybody that you know. Once you've assembled that group, then just like in any networking exercise, you can begin looking for ways to help the people in your network (networking is a 2 way street after all), and you can put out feelers to everybody about the type of job you're looking for. A simple status update or a posted note about what you're looking for will let all of your friends and associates know so they can start thinking about you. If they know of anything that seems like a good match, they can then message you directly, and you can take it from there.