Winning Job Interviews: Reduce Interview Anxiety/Outprepare the Other Candidates/Land the Job You Love

by Paul Powers
Career Press, 224 pages, $10.39

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Preparing for interviews can often be a case of too many cooks in the kitchen. Although you may have good information, a glut of it can be confusing and overwhelming. Winning Job Interviews cuts to the quick and gives job seekers the entrée they need without the appetizers and unnecessary side dishes.

Author Paul Powers makes it clear that he's not going to skirt around the subject by titling the first chapter "Why Job Hunting Sucks (And What to Do About It)." He writes "I'm writing this book for you, the job hunter, who needs solid input that is market-proven, quickly usable, and with no punches pulled." Whether you are a fresh job seeker embarking on interviews for the first time or looking to inject your technique with new blood, this book shows you what to expect and how to respond.

Powers promises job seekers that they "will be able to drive the process as opposed to being driven crazy by it." He tackles the sticky subject of rejection immediately, insisting that getting rejected doesn't mean you're doing things wrong, but that you're doing things right. According to Powers, predictability is out the window during the job search process and clinging to a sense of security is unrealistic.

Winning Job Interviews identifies the deadly dozen roadblocks to effective job hunting which include:

Roadblock #1: Lack of a Crisp, Clear, Realistic Goal

Roadblock #2: No Control Over the Timing of the Job Hunt

Roadblock #3: Fear of Change

Powers presents methods for addressing everything from pre-interview anxiety to generating multiple offers. His informal tone is sprinkled with liberal doses of humor and no nonsense advice. Instead of looking at things from the hiring manager's point of view, he firmly focuses on the job seeker's experience. Powers leaves job seekers with the reassuring impression that everyone out there looking is going through the same process they are. Some have called this the only interview book you'll ever need to buy, and it's hard to argue with the notion.

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