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Power Interviews by Neil Yeager and Lee Hough
Wiley, 238 pages, $10.85

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The preface to this Revised Edition acknowledges that over the last 15 years the workplace has changed so much that new rules and new skills are required. According to the authors, "All employment is in fact temporary employment, what some people refer to as 'You Incorporated.'" Enter Power Interviews, an up-to-the-minute guide to selling yourself and navigating the equivalent of the rapids during your job search — the interview.

Job seekers may be surprised to learn the seven key evaluation factors and which are most important. Leading the way is aggressiveness and enthusiasm. When you are genuinely enthused, an interviewer picks up on it and this can be infectious and convincing that you are right for the position. Communication skills are highly prized in today's business world because so many learning institutions are turning out people with sub par communication abilities.

Beginning with Interviewing Basics, the book shows interviewees how to get out of their own way by applying common sense during an interview. Job seekers are reminded that although an interview is a performance, phony applicants are easy to spot. Presenting yourself as something you are not can lead to a bad match. In the Inside Secrets section, Yeager and Hough point out that Human Resources departments are not the place to go for a job. They are there to screen applicants and are not the real decision makers who should be your main target.

Power Interviews covers how to conduct prospective interviews with people in your field. These professionals are more than great contacts that can open doors. Interviewing them gives you information and insight into how the process works from the interviewer's side. In addition, it helps decrease the chances that you will experience anxiety during your own interview. Strategies the authors suggest to overcome nervousness include visualizing succeeding and not being overly focused on the interviewer's behavior.

The end section that really makes the book worth it lists 50 interview questions with winning and losing responses for interviewees. Power Interviews gives an in-depth analysis of why certain answers fly and others fall flat. This expanded, best-selling edition equips career seekers with tools they can study and use in the heat of an interview.

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