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Fire Your Boss
by Stephen M. Pollan, Mark Levine
Collins, 288 pages, $16.29

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The revolutionary premise of Fire Your Boss flies in the face of most career books. Pollan’s message to “fire your boss” really means that you have to regain control of your working life without relying on your manager or company for economic security. His seven-step program is designed to empower workers to become self-reliant and aware of all of their options and no matter where you are in your career, it will instill confidence and make you aware of power you may not be using.

“Don't expect satisfaction and fulfillment from work,” insists Pollan. He believes that we have to fill our psychological and spiritual needs on our own, and should concentrate on spending as little time as possible at work. However, Fire Your Boss has some good ideas about how to spend that limited time effectively. These ideas begin with your relationship with your boss. “If you are subject to the whims, moods, and circumstances of your so-called boss, it’s never too late or too early to seize control of your work life,” writes Pollan. Becoming your own boss is neither quick nor easy and requires following the program and taking on the work. The author believes that it’s well worth your time and effort. Fire Your Boss vows that you can:
  • Take Control of Your Work Life
  • Boost Your Income
  • Have a Job Offer Always in Hand
  • Find Happiness Outside of the Office

In the current job market, Pollan’s approach makes a lot of sense. With downsizing and outsourcing, job security is elusive at best. The book’s advice on networking is shrewd and sound. The authors recommend socializing with people as friends with an eye toward using them as contacts down the road. "Nobody hires a stranger" is a realistic piece of advice for landing a job today. Keep "fishing," or watching the job market and prepare to move for the right conditions.

Fire Your Boss has great insights on career searches, negotiating, and the brown-nosing workplace culture. Absorbing and following this approach will empower anyone who feels like they need to regain control of their career and challenge the workplace status quo.

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