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To provide associates and other professionals with a venue for career discussion, AppleOne recently launched AppleOne Networking. As an online forum, the goal of the board is to bring together individuals who can benefit from the exchange of views, news, and pertinent information. All participants are encouraged to post questions, seek advice, or even simply learn from the variety of work-related topics.

According to The Riley Guide, networking is consistently cited as among of the most effective means of finding and researching for a new job . “You know how everyone says that "80% of the jobs available never get advertised? Networking is how you can find, prepare for, and get them,” says author and career counselor Margaret F. Dikel.

Dikel goes on to say that anyone involved in a job search or career exploration can benefit from online forums, where they learn about current trends and developments, and learn from concerns and interactions of other participants.

Friendly Suggestions and Expert Advice

Currently on its fledgling stage, the AppleOne Networking forum is managed by a group of knowledgeable moderators who are experts in their fields. This gives participants the twofold advantage of not only receiving feedback from their peers and prospects, but input from experts as well.

"Online forums are quickly becoming a mainstream way to find jobs or employees, make deals, and meet mentors," says writer Stacy A. Teicher in her Christian Science Monitor article entitled Working the Electronic Grapevine. "Several million people have raced to link up everyone in their little black books on the Internet."

“Networking is important at every stage of career development,” says Marc Goldman, AppleOne’s VP for Sales and Marketing. “AppleOne wants to help by creating a forum where our associates can come together to discuss their careers or just engage in a little fun conversation.”

From Careers to Casablanca

While careers and employment are the forum’s focal points, AppleOne Networking is designed to be fun as well as informative. In addition to various career categories, the board also has a flourishing personal interests section called The Water Cooler. Here, anyone and everyone can mingle to discuss their favorite teams, movies, TV shows – among other things. Other categories may be added, so if you have a topic of interest that isn’t covered by any existing categories, we’d love to hear your suggestions!

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