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Question:   Since losing my job a few months ago, I must of sent out over 100 resumes. I hardly ever even hear they got it much less get an interview or a reason they didn't hire me. I don't even know if anybody even saw my resume. What am I doing wrong? How can I stand out?

Answer:   It's true that right now any advertised position produces a flood of responses, and many busy employers feel as if they don't have time to even respond to every applicant much less meet each one in person. Standing out in that environment can be a real challenge, but there are a few things you can do.

It's more difficult to make a decision when there are too many choices, so on an initial pass employers will be looking for reasons to dismiss your resume. Poor spelling, formatting, grammar or experience that doesn't match what the employer is seeking can instantly land your resume in the 'no' pile. Take the time to make sure your resume shines. More than that, take the time to do your homework. Understand what they're looking for with the job you're applying to, and make sure your resume spells out as specifically as possible why you should be the one doing that job.

Don't rely on your resume to get you the job. If all you're doing is mailing resumes in response to ads, you're just doing the bare minimum, and many would say you aren't even really looking for work. Most people find their jobs through friends and acquaintances. That's likely to continue to be the case for a long time to come. If you're really serious about landing a job, you have to work your personal network. Who do you know in the company you're targeting? Who do you know who might know somebody in the company you're targeting. If you can get a personal referral or a referral to a referral, you've already stepped ahead of most of the other respondents. Your AppleOne AE knows a lot of people and could help you here. Keep them advised as to which companies and jobs have caught your interest.