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Career Issues

How to Be Next in the Hiring Line

America's job market is in a transitional phase. As in previous transition periods, we're seeing increased opportunities available in Temporary and Temp-to-Hire first. We expect Direct-Hire opportunities to pick up in the near future when employers become more confident. So what does that mean for you? More...

Make Your Next Step Positive

People are living longer. Many are choosing to extend their work years past the point that traditionally marked the transition into retirement. But how do you stay energized and excited in your day-to-day work? Some have discovered that new challenges, even new career directions are just the thing to keep work invigorating. More...

Book Review

Career Bounce-Back
-by J. Damian Birkel, Stacey J. Miller
Career Bounce Back, Inc., 2nd edition, 152 pages, $10.47

Today more than ever, careers are works in progress and transition is the keyword. Author J. Damian Birkel is founder of PIT (Professionals In Transition), the first nonprofit job-support program that employs a step-by-step program for practical action during a career transition. "Don't dismiss the idea of transferring your skills to new, emerging businesses because you don't have professional experience in them," writes Birkel. When it's time to shift gears, these are some of the steps Career Bounce-Back recommends: More...

Q. Since losing my job a few months ago, I must of sent out over 100 resumes. I hardly ever even hear they got it much less get an interview or a reason they didn't hire me. I don't even know if anybody even saw my resume. What am I doing wrong? How can I stand out?

A. It's true that right now any advertised position produces a flood of responses, and many busy employers feel as if they don't have time to even respond to every applicant much less meet each one in person. Standing out in that environment can be a real challenge, but there are a few things you can do. More...

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Temps of the Month

Congratulations to Those Who Made it this Month!  More...