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Q. I’ve been on a few interviews recently, but I haven’t gotten any job offers. Help, what am I doing wrong?

A. First, congratulations on even getting the interviews. When the typical job ad can generate hundreds of applications, even getting called in for an interview is major accomplishment. As to why you aren’t getting the job offer after interviewing, this is such an individual thing that it would be impossible to speculate. If you feel like you had a good relationship established with the person interviewing you, you might try asking them if they have any recommendations for how you might improve your skills, presentation or marketability. In a litigious world, they probably won’t tell you specifically why you didn’t get the job, but if you can clearly separate the question from that, you might get some valuable feedback. If that doesn’t work, ask your friends, particularly friends who are responsible for hiring to mock-interview you and give you some pointers. Tape this if you can so that you can watch later and get a more objective view of your performance.