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Persistence Pays Off During Job Search

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As the dog days of summer wind down, many job hunters feel their motivation flagging and find themselves waiting for hiring to gear back up in the fall. Smart job hunters understand that there really is no time in their search when it's good to let off the gas. Although timing may be a factor in when you get hired, a positive attitude and the determination to keep yourself motivated is paramount to finding and landing the job you want. Practicing persistence is a proven way to contend with the doldrums of job hunting. Here are things you can do to maintain a consistent effort that will pay off in the end.

While information is vital to a job search, keeping it organized and easily accessible is just as important. Put a system into place and keep your search on a regular schedule. Divide up the day and devote time to searching for new opportunities, composing cover letters, responding to openings, networking, and following up on inquiries. Figure out when you are most productive, and use this time to respond to openings, make calls, and compose cover letters. Career seekers sometimes make the mistake of spending premium time when they are most productive on tasks like researching that don't require as much focus. Reorganizing your contacts or data you have on companies has another built in plus Ð it reacquaints you with the current state of your industry and refocuses your job search.

Build a Network From Your Network
Internet sites like LinkedIn and Facebook are doing it and you can too. The friend of a friend approach to networking by connecting to someone who is a step removed from you often yields results. Don't hesitate to expand your network by asking someone if it is okay to communicate with one of their contacts. These Web sites are gold mines of information and you can discover similar professional interests as well as personal ones. Always research friends of friends first to determine if they may be of help to you, or vice versa. When you talk to contacts in person or on the phone, ask "Is there someone else you know who might help me in my job search?" You'll be surprised at what this direct approach can accomplish.

Bounce Back
Resiliency is an especially valuable trait to have during a job search that can begin to feel like an exercise in getting back up after rejection. First off, don't take it personally. With the Internet as a recruiting tool and the sheer number of applicants, looking for a job can feel highly impersonal at times. One way to bounce back when you are deflated is to try doing something new. Go to a job fair or a lecture on a subject in your field. If you haven't done it yet, consider joining a group, or set up mock interviews with your friends to keep yourself sharp. Although aspects of your job search are beyond your control, there are things you can do to greatly enhance your hire-ability. Stay positive, manage your assets, continually polish your skills, and keep putting yourself out there.

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