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Q. I have no problems getting interviews, and I feel like I nail them when I'm there. However, I never seem to get a call back after the interview. What am I doing wrong?

A. If you're not sending a follow-up/thank you letter to let the interviewer know you appreciate their time and would like the job, you should start that immediately. Beyond that, it can be tough to know if your perception of how things goes matches with the reality of the situation. Try video taping yourself while a friend or trusted colleague conducts a mock interview with you to see if you spot anything. If AppleOne sent you out on the interview, your AE may have notes they got from the client company, so be sure to ask them if there was any feedback. If this is an interview you got on your own, once you're sure you didn't get it, a quick note to let them know you understand and to ask them if they have any advice for you as you move forward in your career may produce results. Make sure the letter doesn't put them on the spot while still managing to ask them for any thoughts they had about your interview style.