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Question: I have read very conflicting things about the year of an applicant's birth. I have registered with three temp agencies now, and all three said that I had to provide the year, as well as the month and date on the background check form. Yet I have also read, in various places, that it is illegal to ask anyone the year of their birth, until you actually employ them.

Answer: It is not illegal to request the information, but it is illegal to use age as part of the employment decision making process, which we do not. We use the data in order to run background checks required by our clients as needed, which is often times a prerequisite for placement consideration. If you are not comfortable providing the year of birth, you can omit it and we can try to run the report without it, when the request arises. If we can not obtain a report without the year, you would either need to reconsider, or we could not consider you for positions in which a background check is required.