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Top Turn-Offs for Hiring Managers

It wasn’t being late, or even lacking company knowledge that was the biggest complaint. The number one turn-off for hiring managers was poor communication skills, according to a recent survey published in Staffing Management, a journal of the Society of Human Resource Management. Noted as particularly displeasing were inarticulate answers to interview questions, and vague accounts of past experience.


Tips for Cover Letters

In the age of e-mailing electronic resumes and cover letters, writing cover letters may seem like a lost art, but they can still impact potential employers. Consider that a cover letter is the very first thing a hiring decision maker sees. It is essential that the first impression be positive, eye catching, and spur someone to take further action. If your cover letter is not directly targeted to their needs and doesn’t relate that you are the best person to perform in the position applied for, you will have misplayed a valuable card in your hand to land your dream job.


Winning Cover Letters

If you’re looking for a goldmine of information on cover letters this book is chock full of nuggets that will elevate your cover letters to the next level. Robin Ryan used extensive research to develop her Power Impact Technique, an easy-to-master formula that injects a new writing style into the often overlooked aspect of cover letters. Winning Cover Letters features numerous examples of market-tested cover letters with success stories to back them up. It guarantees that if you practice these methods what you will learn will carry through to your resume and throughout your interview process.

Question: I have read very conflicting things about the year of an applicant's birth. I have registered with three temp agencies now, and all three said that I had to provide the year, as well as the month and date on the background check form. Yet I have also read, in various places, that it is illegal to ask anyone the year of their birth, until you actually employ them.

Answer: It is not illegal to request the information, but it is illegal to use age as part of the employment decision making process, which we do not.


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