Q.I am curious about my rights as an AppleOne associate. If for any reason, I don't like the assignment that is offered to me, can I refuse? Or, if I have accepted an assignment and decide while on the job that I do not like it, is there a way I can get out of it?

A. As an AppleOne associate, you have the right to refuse or accept any assignment that is offered to you. If you are considering an assignment, make sure you have a clear understanding of the assignment and what it entails. This way, you and the Account Executive can minimize the chances of the assignment being a bad fit.

If you do accept an assignment but decide within that workday that you don't like it, we ask that you complete the assignment for that day — provided the assignment doesn't make you uncomfortable (this could be physical discomfort like a hazardous worksite or emotional discomfort like somebody asking you do to something you don't want to do).

If you are uncomfortable in a position, speak to your AE immediately. Your health and well being are our principal concern, so we need to know something like that so that we can seek to make it right for you. We have many positions and we may be able to find a position to which you would be better suited.

If you want to quit an assignment (perhaps because there's not enough pay or you found another job), you can of course do that. Let your AE know about your intentions. It would be better for you to let them know with enough advance warning so that they can find a replacement. Not providing any advance notice, or worse, not even notifying your AE that you are leaving the assignment reflects badly on you and your professionalism. This may result in your AE being reluctant to send you out on assignment in the future.