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Achieving Authentic Success:
10 Timeless Life Principles That Will Maximize Your Real Potential

by Dr. Ron Jenson

Future Achievement International, 143 pages, $15.00

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Success is often defined by appearances – the car we drive, the house we own, the way we look. Achieving Authentic Success dares to dive beneath the surface and explore the underpinnings of inner success. Author Ron Jenson cites foundational life principles of individuals who have cultivated their character and maximized their potential in a wide variety of fields. The book manages to mix the ordinary with the extraordinary to deliver principles relevant to anyone who longs to become more empowered and is willing to make things happen.

The ten timeless life principles are organized into what Jenson calls MAXIMIZERS Principles. They are:

Make Things Happen
Achieve Personal Significance
X Out the Negatives
Internalize Right Principles
March to a Mission
Integrate All of Life
Zero in on Caring for People
Energize Internally
Realign Rigorously
Stay the Course

The book hits its stride when it relates real stories that reflect the ten principles. For example, in the Personal Significance section, Jenson recounts a teacher assigned to a rough school class in Harlem. She accidentally sees their IQs and is shocked to discover that these boys are actually brilliant. Because she treats them as capable human beings and grants them unflagging attention, they end up graduating and succeeding in their lives. Only later does the teacher learn that what she thought were IQ scores were really locker numbers. By treating the students as brilliant, she dramatically altered the way they saw themselves.

In Learning to X-Out the Negatives, the author cites Dr. David Burns discussing cognitive distortions. One distortion is black and white thinking, so that when someone’s performance falls short of perfect, they view themselves as a total failure. Another is over generalizing, or seeing a single, negative event as a never ending pattern of defeat. Action Steps that call on the reader for written responses, are included at the end of each section.

Achieving Authentic Success offers valuable insights into how vital it is to have a mission and the need for balance between our working and family lives. The author has certainly done his homework and the other books and studies he cites always bear relevance to the point he is trying to communicate. The book will speak to and spark professionals to take responsibility and find new ways to tap into and actualize their true potential.

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