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Tackle the Monster Project

We all have a dragon to slay -- that low priority, high effort project that's lurking at the bottom of your to-do list. It's tempting to keep putting it off, but projects like this can create a surprising amount of ongoing stress. Taking steps, even small steps to get to them and clear them will improve your work life. Once a project like this is out of the way, it frees you to focus on tasks that yield greater rewards. Here are some things you can do get it done and off of your plate.


Getting Past the Telephone Screening Interview

by Robin Ryan

When an employer calls to say, "We'd like to discuss your qualifications a bit." what they are really saying is "We want to know more about your exact skills and verify your resume, before we offer you an interview." Human Resources professionals refer to this interview as the Screening Interview. In today's job market this kind of screening process has become very popular and is frequently used. This initial employer contact is designed to narrow the pool of acceptable candidates, and you don't want to be one who is not scheduled for the in-person interview.


Achieving Authentic Success:
10 Timeless Life Principles That Will Maximize Your Real Potential

by Dr. Ron Jenson

Success is often defined by appearances – the car we drive, the house we own, the way we look. Achieving Authentic Success dares to dive beneath the surface and explore the underpinnings of inner success. Author Ron Jenson cites foundational life principles of individuals who have cultivated their character and maximized their potential in a wide variety of fields. The book manages to mix the ordinary with the extraordinary to deliver principles relevant to anyone who longs to become more empowered and is willing to make things happen.


Q. I have a scheduled meeting next week. However, I am also registered with AppleOne in Newport News, VA. I now live in Brooklyn, NY. Can my information be obtained from the Newport News office?

A. Yes, it's possible to obtain your information from another office. If you completed an AppleXpress application in that other office, you should be able to login to your old application. Use the navigation links on the left to change your appointment date/time/location so that you'll show up in the new offices appointment calendar. Be sure to step through the application to update it with new information as well.

Alternately, ask the office coordinator if they can arrange to map your information from the previous office. You may want to call up the new office to arrange for this in advance. Typically later in the afternoon and towards the end of the week will be better since they will not be as busy.

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