Going Back to Work : A Survival Guide for Comeback Moms

by Mary W. Quigley, Loretta E. Kaufman
St. Martin’s Griffin, 304 pages, $11.16

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Whether you’re recharging your career or forging a new one, returning to the workforce means facing obstacles. Although this book is written for comeback moms, it has valuable strategies and case studies to propel both men and women forward when they long to return to work. Quigley and Kaufman begin by asking mothers the question “A job or a career?” Put simply, a job doesn’t entail the time and emotional commitment that a career does. Those opting to get back on a career track must understand there will be more responsibility with more opportunity.

Going Back to Work includes various women and the reasons why they return. These are some of the most common reasons for going back:

  • To Regain Confidence
  • To Be Challenged
  • To Feel a Sense of Accomplishment Beyond Wife and Mother
  • To Explore the World of New Technology

There are examples of ways that returning mothers reignited their career passion and drive. Some opt for part-time and temporary positions that mesh with their schedules and give them flexibility. Others have the chance to pursue their dream jobs or positions that provide more emotional satisfaction.

Another big question is whether to recharge an existing career or to begin anew. For those beginning anew, Going Back to Work recommends shadowing someone who has your dream job, observing them, and picking their brains. These are some of the methods recommended for keeping up with business contacts while you’re at home:

  • E-mail
  • Find a Mentor
  • Join a Business Association
  • Volunteer
  • Go Back to School

In addition to positive examples of women who have successfully made the transition back, this book also has survey responses to questions like “What is the best part about going back to work?”

The authors draw on their own experiences, but more importantly they include contributions from other mothers. They include practical tips and creative solutions to some of the nagging problems of returning to a career. Going Back to Work is a great resource and a confidence builder for anyone looking to leap back into or slowly wade back into the work stream.

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