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Career Issues

Five Strategies for Professional Development

There's never been a better time for you to stretch yourself in your current position. If you are motivated and eager to acquire new skills, you will find a variety of opportunities to improve your status. Here are five strategies for professional development that
will enhance your future prospects. More...

Career Spotlight

Small Business Advocate

If you possess great people skills, have a knack for logistics, enjoy travel and are cause-oriented, a career as a small business advocate might be for you. While Clide H. didn't exactly lobby for the job, his track record for reliability, personable attitude and openness to new opportunities immediately made him the ideal candidate. Clide remains as enthusiastic about his job as he was that first day. "It's a privilege to be in a position where our job is to make a difference and give others a better chance at succeeding." More...

Book Review

I Don't Know What I Want, but I Know It's Not This: A Step-By-Step Guide to Finding Gratifying Work
-by by By Julie Jansen
Penguin USA, 288 pages, $11.20

In a new survey, over 90% of workers surveyed ranked "finding meaning" as the number one reason they recently had changed or would like to change careers. Meaning on the job comes when you find a gratifying career that fits you and lets you grow in your position. I Don't Know What I Want... is a great tool to help you discover that career or to kick start an unsatisfying one. It speaks to the present day problems that workers grapple with, and holds relevance for career seekers and employed professionals. Author Julie Jansen is currently on her fifth career as a speaker, consultant and career coach, and she is asking the right questions. Her primary message is that finding meaning in a career can only happen when you find the work that best suits you. More...

Q. I've been actively looking for another job, but I don't want to tell my current boss until I've lined up my next position. The problem is that I've been going out on a lot of interviews, and I'm starting to run out of excuses for missing work. What's the best way to juggle this stuff?

A. On the plus side, since you are currently employed, you are able to search from a position of strength. You can better afford to wait for the best opportunity for you, and it would be unwise to do anything to disrupt that. You are probably right to be discreet in your job search activities. However, while discretion may be called for, it sounds as though you aren't going far enough. More...

Cube Crazy: A Walk On the Wild Side of Workspace Decorating

From Tiki huts to haunted graveyards, creative office workers are finding new and interesting ways to spruce up their cubicles with fun decorations that are sure to leave management (and us) scratching heads in disbelief. Read on to discover some of the crazy creations that put your happy birthday signs and simple confetti parties to shame. More...

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Temps of the Month

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