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Competency–Based Interviews: Master the Tough New Interview Style and Give Them the Answers That Will Win You the Job

by Robin Kessler
Career Press, 255 pages, $11.19

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Interviews have evolved over the years and now it's not unheard of to undergo a battery of phone interviews before you talk in person or for employers to conduct interviews over the Internet. Thus, a good book on interviewing gives insight relevant to the current business climate. Competency–Based Interviews offers state–of–the–art advice and delivers on the promise of its title. Knowing what the interviewer is looking for diminishes the element of surprise that can catch candidates off guard during their interviews. Anyone who is serious about mastering the new style and succeeding when it counts will get a lot out of Kessler's book.

"When we were students, most of us realized the importance of understanding what the teacher or professor was looking for," begins Kessler. She relates this concept to today's labor market and explains that realizing which competencies are critical to specific employers is essential. Only then can you learn what you need to know to prove to the interviewer that you are strong in these areas.

The big difference in modern day interviewing that professionals must grasp is that hiring managers assess your skill sets before they weigh in your credentials and accolades. The chapter on Behavioral Questions goes through selecting the proper words to use when answering specific questions and encourages using active language. Kessler delves into the close relationship between a position's duties and a company's culture and illustrates how to tackle questions related to this area.

Competency–Based Interviews acknowledges how tough it is to learn what to look for in this new interviewing system and walks readers through the proper steps to succeed. The book includes lists of core competencies different employers seek and numerous case studies.

Whether you are a little rusty at interviewing and need to get up to speed or you are familiar with Competency–Based Interviews, these tactics speak to job seekers who want to excel at this critical stage. Integrating your past work experiences and competencies into your message is the best way to ensure a successful professional future.

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