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Conflict: How to Cope and Conquer

Workplace conflicts are normal and expected, and can even be healthy. When left to worsen or fester, however, they can result in a work environment that feels like a minefield – or worse, an outright war zone. Here's what you can do to minimize your involvement in workplace conflicts, as well as maximize your ability to resolve them if they cannot be prevented. More...

Now, There's An Easier Way To Get Paid

On-Line Timecard through makes completing and submitting your time sheets a breeze. Simply log on, clock in and you're done. To enjoy the convenience of On-Line Timecard, contact your Account Executive for more information

Getting Your Start-Up Started

Making the dream of starting your own business a reality takes hard work, timing and a little bit of luck. The PC revolution and the Internet have opened up the floodgates for start-ups and recent studies show that half of the adult population and roughly 60% of teenagers are interested in starting their own business. With the economy rebounding in a big way, many are once again referring to this as "The Golden Age" of small businesses. More...

Boost Your Interview I.Q.

-by Carole Martin
McGraw-Hill Companies, 165 pages, $9.56

If you buy just one book on interviewing this year, it should be Boost Your Interview I.Q. Author Carole Martin isn't content to dispense advice on interviewing do's and don'ts. The bulk of this hands-on guide features a detailed test consisting of the 50 most asked interview questions. By studying the questions and taking the test, career seekers will be able to recognize different interview techniques and get a leg up on their competition. More...

Q. "I have been asked to come in for an interview with a company that has a very casual work environment. What should I wear to make the best possible impression, and should I worry about being overdressed?"

A. First of all, congratulations! You now have the opportunity to make a great first impression on your potential employer. Workplace attire has undergone significant changes in the last few years, and more and more workplaces are relaxing their dress codes for their employees. With this said, you must keep in mind that you are a candidate, and even the most casual of dress codes do not apply to you just yet. A good rule of thumb for dressing for an interview is to dress one or two steps above the company's enforced dress code. More...

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