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Dreamy Summer Destinations

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Deals from Coast to Coast

No matter where you live, there’s bound to be a great summer destination that fits your schedule and budget. Would you like to get away from it all for a few weeks or just for the weekend? Are you longing for a long, luxurious cruise, an exhilarating camping trip, or a few idyllic days of sun, surf and sand? To help us explore some options, we asked travel expert Cathy Fryer, President of CTA Travel for summer getaway suggestions.

Sail Away At Sale Prices

What can be dreamier than lounging on the deck of a luxury liner, cold drink in hand, surrounded by the brilliant blue of the ocean? “There’s never been a better time to go on a cruise – the deals are just incredible!” says Cathy. “If you’re from the west coast, you can book a very affordable cruise to the Mexican Baja or Cancun – even the weekend cruises are a bargain. For east coast residents, the price of a trip to the Bahamas or the Caribbean is fantastic!” Cathy also adds that because the cost of a cruise is all-inclusive, it can easily be more inexpensive than taking a trip by plane or even driving to popular tourist spots. “Fine dining, parties, tours, accommodations and all the facilities on the ship are yours to enjoy to your heart’s content.” And there are just as many choices for durations as there are for destinations. There are weekend cruise deals available from either coast. Longer trips, like the Australian or Alaskan cruises, are at least a week long – but are definitely worth every gorgeous day!

Flying Can Be Frugal

With airlines eagerly vying for flyers, traveling by air has become even more affordable than ever. “If you’re from the east coast, there are actually European tour packages that cost less than flying to the west coast,” says Cathy. If swapping your dollars for euros isn’t in your plans, you can take a plane to memorable destinations like Oahu, North Tahoe, the Grand Canyon, and many other places. “These destinations cost less from the west coast – but if you want a change of scenery, New York is the place to go. Or you can take the family to Orlando where super-sized theme parks are offering major incentives.” Considering the number of vacation possibilities choices made available by air travel, there really is something for everyone – and with some online research and some planning, you can get a good value no matter where you decide to fly.

Wheelin’ and Dealin’

Packing everyone into the family car and heading off to a vacation spot – whether it’s a new find or a yearly destination – is the stuff of many American childhood memories. Some people have an itinerary while others prefer to meander and make occasional stops when they see something of interest. When flexibility is a priority, few things beat being able to get into your car and going wherever and whenever you please. “There are so many great destinations within driving distance, no matter where you are, and every city holds so many possibilities.“  Take Las Vegas for example. While known for its numerous casinos, magnificent hotels and dizzying array of diversions, just 30 minutes west of this fabulous tourist hub is the glorious panorama of the Red Rock Canyon and Mt. Charleston, both of which offer trails for mountaineers, hikers and bikers of all skill levels. If you have any locale in mind, research it online – many cities have Web sites that offer plenty of information, as well as visitor discounts. Some even let you order free copies of their brochures that you can study at your own leisure.

Rediscovering the Railroad

While most Americans still travel by car or plane, passenger trains continue to attract more travelers every year. And why wouldn't they? Railroads often pass through breathtaking scenery, and, unlike airplanes, allow passengers to see the changing landscape. And unlike automobile travel, trains let you catch the view from somewhere other than behind the wheel. Large windows and roomy seating make the trip more than make up for the extra time required by train travel. Taking the train offers the option of numerous routes. Amtrak, which is enjoying a revival, offers a number of vacation packages including accommodations, tourist stopovers, meals and, in some cases, car rentals or air fare. There are over 74 different tours in 34 states throughout the U.S. So if you’re in the mood to simply sit back and literally enjoy the scenery, then get ready to go all aboard.

The Apple Adventure Club

With so many choices out there, you might want to consult some travel professionals for available discounts and promotions. All AppleOne employees and associates are welcome to be part of CTA Travel’s Apple Adventure Club for free. Club perks include exclusive getaway deals for members, their families and their friends, as well as cash rebates for booking air and accommodations. For a 3-night package, CTA Travel will give you $25, or you can earn $50 for a seven-day package, and $75 for a ten-day stay. In addition, CTA will reward you for referring family and friends – they will set up a ‘travel account’ for you which saves up all your rewards, and all your savings are as good as cash that can go toward any travel package of your choice. To learn more about the Apple Adventure Club, go to or call (800) 758-4955. Enjoy your vacation!

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