Turn Your Temp Assignment into a Full-Time Job!

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No matter what the economy, Temporary assignments can be good sources of income and lead to Direct Hire opportunities. In fact, the American Staffing Association (ASA), estimates that each year, an average of 18% of Temporary assignments get converted to Direct Hire jobs. Many Temp jobs are created immediately following recession, when employers realize they need to ramp up productivity but feel unsure about making hiring commitments. As the economy continues to improve and employers begin to move forward with hiring, Temps are always a great bet because they already know the company and the work involved.

With Temp-to-Hire opportunities on the rise, here are ways you can transform your Temp assignment into a flourishing career:
Never think of yourself as ‘Just a Temp’.
The traits that make a Temp successful are the same as those working full-time: professionalism, pride in your work, a positive personality and punctuality.

Ace your evaluation!
Not surprisingly, Temp assignments are often referred to as “working interviews.” This is your opportunity to wow a prospective employer with your skills, experience and great attitude. It’s your chance to demonstrate—throughout the course of your assignment—why you are a keeper. One advantage of Temping is that this can work both ways: your assignment gives you real experience that can help you determine whether or not you truly wish to work for that company or industry.

Put in extra effort.
Employers appreciate workers who are happy to lend a helping hand. Being on assignment should not prevent you from being a team player—in fact, it is a great way to express your interest in and enthusiasm for the job. By exceeding expectations, you are making yourself a vital member of the team, not to mention someone they won’t be able to bear to see go. Just make sure to let your AppleOne representative if your duties are changing.

Dress to impress.
One popular career tip is to dress for the job you want instead of the job you have. Dress as though you are a member of the full-time staff—and one of the best on the team, at that. Be well-groomed, appear professional and look put-together without going over the top with too much perfume, jewelry or ‘loud’ accessories.

Be a pleasure to work with.
One critical measure of how hirable you are is how well you work with others. Even strengths like experience, attention to detail or efficiency can be undermined by a difficult personality. Since most workplaces are comprised of teams, it’s important for everyone to be able to cooperate and collaborate. By being a pleasant person to work with, you increase the chances of potential colleagues speaking highly of you and possibly speeding up your supervisor’s decision to hire you.
Make connections.
Working as a Temp can provide you with a wealth of networking opportunities that allow you to build rapport with the people you work with. This can either turn into a colleague relationship, or by interacting with them, you may learn of other opportunities in the company. Be sure to let your AppleOne Representative know so they can present you for that opportunity.

Observe and listen.
The best candidates are those who obviously took the time and made the effort to know the company. As a fringe benefit, paying attention to your work surroundings means you can adapt better and become a more vital part of the team. Supervisors love employees who are ‘engaged’, that is, workers who demonstrate a healthy interest in the company and how they can help make it better.

Keep your chin up if your assignment does not result in a job offer. 
It may be disappointing, but the economy is continuing to pick up—and the job market along with it. If you applied all of the tips above, then you will be leaving your assignment on great terms with those you worked with. Thank them for the opportunity. Who knows? They might just call for you down the road. In the meantime, take advantage of all the additional skills and know-how you picked up during your assignment and get ready to impress another prospective employer even more.

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