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Q. I'm getting ready to apply for a summer job. I've never really done a resume before, so I'm wondering if I should include work that I did in my school classes or fast food jobs I had in high school since I'm applying for office jobs now?

A. As a first step, we'd recommend that you review The Core to Success. This is a guide that will help you with preparing a resume. Beyond that, understand that a resume is like an advertisement for yourself, and that it should only address your qualifications for the specific job for which you are submitting it. If your school work or previous jobs demonstrate that you have skills and experience that are relevant to the position to which you're applying, then by all means mention it. If you can't find anyway to make that work relevant, then it's best to leave it out or provide only a highly condensed summary of it.

More broadly, your fast food experience demonstrates that you can get and keep a job. This is particularly true if you stayed with particular companies for relatively long periods of time. It shows that you are responsible and understand what a job is and what it takes to be a good employee. Especially if you don't have a lot of other work experience to put on your resume, these are all foundational skills that can apply to any job, so you can certainly feel comfortable including all of that.

If the position you're applying for asks for experience using Office software, and you have experience with that via classes, then this is certainly relevant and you should include that in your resume.