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The Core

Credibility in Communication Matters
by Dianna Booher

Delivering on promises. Being on time. Carrying out instructions by their intent not just their letter. Being trustworthy. Refraining from destructive gossip. Taking the extra effort to do things the right way. These seemingly insignificant and often unnoticed qualities add up to the significant issue of credibility.


Twenty Ways to Find the Work You Love
by Craig Nathanson - The Vocational Coach ™

Do you ever wish you had a few more options when trying to find the work you love? Here are some ideas that might help expand your thinking.


Vital Friends: The People You Can't Afford to Live Without
by Tom Rath

Friends are often considered to be items that don't mix well with work. Your friends are usually the people you see outside of your professional life and there are good reasons to keep them separate. Vital Friends reexamines relationships from many different angles and is especially relevant for career seekers looking to add weapons to their job search arsenal. Friends are obviously critical components during your search, but this book goes the extra mile and gives readers insights into furthering on the job relationships, getting the most out of past ones and truly valuing friendships.


Q. I know that I'm supposed to send thank you notes after an interview. Can I get away with sending an email, or do I need to drag out my stationary and buy a stamp?

A. You can never go wrong sending a real, physical note. So few people do it that it's likely to make you stand out and put you into a positive light. Where speed is a factor or where the person interviewing you seemed to prefer a computer as a method of communication, then e-mail may be the right choice. However, the way you characterize your question "getting away" with something suggests that you're looking for the method that requires the least effort, and that is rarely the best way to impress somebody.


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Question: Do you send thank you notes after interviews?

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