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Question posted via AppleOne's Networking Discussion Boards:
I shall be visiting Appleone tomorrow for the first interview with them. However I have no clues what this interview is going to be like. What can I expect from this interview and after that? And who would be interviewing me?

Answer: You'll first meet with the Office Coordinator for that branch. This is the person at the front who will greet you when you come in. That person will help you to complete your paperwork. If you've already completed the AppleXpress on-line application, then it should just be a matter of signing the forms that will be printed out for you.

If you still need to complete that application, then there will be a computer in the office where you can do that. If you can though, it's much better to complete the entire on-line application before your appointment time.

Then, you'll have an interview with the Account Executive who would be representing you to some of our clients. You should treat this as any other job interview and dress/act appropriately. The AE will be trying to get a sense of what you want to accomplish in your career and whether or not we'd be likely to be able to assist you in meeting those goals. If you have one, you should bring in a copy of your resume as well as all of the contact information for your professional and personal references. We get a lot of that information in the application, but it's nice to have it ready to hand in case you need it.

Based on the interview, you'll probably be asked to take some tests on common office software that would be used in the assignments we may consider you for. If the office is particularly busy, you may have been asked to complete those tests in advance of meeting with the Account Executive.

If it looks like AppleOne will be able to assist you with your career goals, you'll be given a welcome book that describes our policies and procedures, what you need to know to remain safe on a works site as well as benefits and how you get paid and things like that. There is also a 15 minute (approx) welcome video that you'll be able to watch in the office. It further explains how AppleOne works and what you can expect.

We try to get you out of there as quickly as possible, but it is a lengthy process so you should be prepared to allow at least an hour and possibly more if you don't already have your application completed.

Good luck. We all hope that we're able to assist you in meeting your career goals.