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What it Takes to Be Associate of the Month

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Recognition and rewards. Enhanced career prospects. Excellent job references. Commendation from clients and supervisors. Bonus checks. More exciting and enriching opportunities. As an associate, you stand to gain many or even all of these advantages when you become Associate of the Month. And if becoming a full-time employee is part of your plans, earning this recognition is a definite boost toward your goal.

"There is definitely a strong correlation between being Associate of the Month and one's chances of getting hired full-time," says Amherst Staffing Consultant Amanda Shaner. "The criteria used for determining Associates of the Month are the same things that make Temps favorable Direct-Hires."

Winning Ways

So what does it take to be Associate of the Month? Looking at our most recent crop of top-notch Associates, factors like age, gender, race, religion, educational attainment, or even professional background do not matter. What counts is how well you represent yourself and AppleOne through your work performance and attitude. Below are the top traits that make a true Associate of the Month:


Riverside Assistant Manager Rosalynda Gonzales spoke highly of a recent associate, Terri L., who embodies reliability in a big way. The result: Clients requested for her continually until she was eventually hired as a full-time employee. "We always try to establish a relationship of mutual trust with our associates," says Rosalynda. "It's a partnership, and each assignment is an act of trust - we put AppleOne's reputation in Terri's hands, and she proved that she can be relied on to exceed expectations."


To Riverside, CA Manager Debbie Odegaard, being flexible means you can stretch yourself toward more experiences, learn more skills and acquire more qualifications. Having an open mind definitely opens one to more options. "When an associate shows flexibility toward ASAP orders and other Temp asignments, I see it as a willingness to learn and a desire to remain productive."

Punctuality and Attendance

Account Executive Shelton Gillis counts these among the main reasons why the Cerritos team chose Renee T. as January's Associate of the Month. "Always being there and on time has definitely impressed the client and has made the client truly appreciate Renee's putting forth a smart and productive effort every day in her work."

"Establishing a reputation for punctuality and excellent attendance is crucial - it shows you have what it takes to be an employee businesses can trust to be there and get the job done," says Santa Ana Account Executive Marisa Shaw.

Client Feedback

Of course, no one has a better view of how AppleOne Associates are doing than the people they work with directly. With each assignment, an associate takes on many roles - but more important than being an AppleOne representative or a Temporary employee, you have to remember that you are, above all, a professional who is there to get the job done. Lake Forest Branch Manager Elizabeth Wayne speaks of their branch's most recent winner. "Nicole B., our Associate of the Month for February did such a phenomenal job at one company that they tried to create another assignment for her just to keep her around. Most of the places we have sent her to work have called us and thanked us for sending her there. Nicole always went beyond the duty; she has that extra something that makes companies take notice. From her strong work ethic to her upbeat, positive attitude, Nicole has what it takes to walk into any office and do us proud."


All good things take time - and that includes being recognized for your efforts. "Consistency is a strength that is valued in all workplaces," says New York Regional Manager Laura Monroe. "Our Associates of the Month, are often selected based on their track record - how long they have been with us and how they perform from day one."

Relishing Recognition

Celena M., who recently accepted a full-time job offer, fondly remembers the day she was recognized as Associate of the Month. "I was really surprised! The branch showed up where I work with a bunch of AppleOne balloons and handed it to me, along with my award and a check. It was like a little party, and they made sure my boss joined in the festivities. It's so great that AppleOne makes this effort to publicly recognize good work. I am still starting out, and so recognition means a lot, not only because it will help my career, but also because it boosts my self-confidence and motivation!"

Martin Johnson, an AppleOne On-Site Manager, is very proud for Craig S., who started off as an Associate in a large-volume call center. "And I am also very happy for him, because he managed to stand out in such a large group - he really earned his full-time status," says Martin. "It was great to get the check, but even better to get recognition in front of all the people you work with," says Craig. "Any recognition is very helpful in this day and age - with the economy slower than usual. It is nice that AppleOne recognizes Temporary employees who go above and beyond."

The Associates' excitement is matched by the branches' enjoyment about handing out these well-deserved rewards. To Columbia, NC Manager Travis Price, "Morale is a big thing. Everyone loves recognition, and it's such a great feeling to make that Temp king or queen of their department, complete with a certificate, bonus check, balloons and applause. I always feel like we've made someone's day after delivering a Associate of the Month prize."

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