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The Core

Taking Control of Your Career Success

You are responsible for your own career success and development today. No longer can you depend on working for one company throughout your entire career. The average worker will be employed by at least four different companies throughout his work life and each of these may demand different skills and knowledge. That means keeping yourself constantly trained and updated in a number of areas necessary for success.  How do you measure up to these in critical areas?


Handling the Dreaded “You’re Overqualified” Challenge

Seems I continually hear this complaint, “They aren’t hiring me because I’m overqualified.” 


Q. I'm interested in changing industries, but I'm finding that it's hard to convince employers that my experience is relevant to the positions I'm applying for. How can I make this switch?

A. You need to emphasize skills that are transferable instead of specific jobs so that the employer sees that you have the ability to do the job they need to get done. One way to do this is with something called a functional resume. Rather than listing former jobs in chronological order, you list projects and skills that are particularly relevant to the specific job you are going after. It's also worth exploring your professional network to see if you know anybody who knows anybody in the industry you wish to move towards. Try to arrange some informational interviews that can help you learn the lingo of the new industry and that may point you towards people who are currently hiring.


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