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Now What?: The Young Person's Guide to Choosing the Perfect Career
by Nicholas Lore
Fireside, 352 pages, $10.88

When only 30% of college graduates report being satisfied with their careers, there's a big market for a book like Now What? With a whopping 70% chance that you will not land in the perfect career, you need expert coaching. Of course, reality dictates that many people will end up moving on to plan B when things don't work out as expected. But learning about your unique abilities and the specific careers where they can flourish saves valuable time and effort. Whether you're young and looking for guidance on how to design a prosperous and fulfilling career or you're seasoned and looking to transition into something more satisfying, Lore's strategies will reignite your passion and commitment.

"No matter how much money or prestige you earn, you are not successful if you are miserable or not fully engaged in your work," writes Lore. According to the author, the foundation of a successful career is built on finding a position that matches your innate abilities. In other words, doing what comes naturally. He reveals that people who raise puppies for search and rescue put them through a battery of aptitude tests to determine where they excel so they can match them with prospective owners. Then Lore laments the fact that colleges aren't particularly committed to matching students to careers that complement their abilities. The conclusion is it's up to you.

Now What? explores three separate areas that ultimately merge as you are designing your career. They are:

  • Natural Talents
  • Meaning & Subject Matter
  • Workplace Environment

Enthusiasm is a major ingredient in Now What's recipe for career success and it's explained this way. If you were given $10,000 to go on a two week vacation to anywhere you wanted, you would feel exhilarated. You'd research and plan the perfect vacation. Lore urges job seekers to take that same approach to planning their career (minus the $10,000), which is far more important and will span your entire lifetime. Before we take the vacation planning comparison too far, readers should know that Lore paints choosing a career as a challenging process that involves time, patience, and dedication.

Confidence is a major factor for career seekers and this book has the techniques to help nurture your confidence and self worth. Those who are serious about finding a career that fits and willing to devote time and energy to this critical path will find Now What? informative and enlivening.