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Don't Let Employment Statistics Dampen Your Spirits

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What's in a number? Hearing the latest unemployment statistics can quickly douse a job seeker's motivation. If you manage to avoid reading the headlines, odds are you see or hear negative news in some other form of media. It can be challenging to look beyond the numbers and stay focused. Here are some strategies you can adopt to see the bigger picture and stay on track.

Persistence Pays Off
Persistence is an essential trait to have when you're searching for a job in tough times. Don't take rejection personally. With the Internet as a recruiting tool and the sheer number of applicants, looking for a job can feel highly impersonal. One way to bounce back when you are deflated is to try a new approach. Go to a job fair or a lecture on a subject in your field. Join local groups that are relevant to your profession, and expand your networking. The friend of a friend approach of connecting to someone who is a step removed can work wonders. Research friends of friends first to determine if they may be of help to you, or vice versa. When you talk to contacts in person or on the phone, ask "Is there someone else you know who might help me in my job search?" You'll be surprised at what this direct approach can yield.

Show Your Flexibility
Are you willing to venture outside your chosen profession? Professionals who are flexible and willing to switch streams better their chances of obtaining gainful employment. Consider pursuing positions in relatively more stable fields like healthcare and education. Although no jobs are entirely recession-proof, you stand a better chance of "weathering the storm" in these professions. If you find an opportunity with limited hours, determine ways you can make it work. Working multiple jobs or trying volunteer work can lead to bigger and better things. Be wary of falling into the trap of declining work because of lesser pay or hours. Later, you may find yourself wishing you had taken any opportunity.

Try Temping
One positive aspect of recessions is that they tend to make professionals turn their focus inward and invest in themselves. Completing degrees and learning new skills are two methods job seekers adopt to improve their intellectual value. Accepting temporary assignments is a good way to stay in circulation, keep skills sharp, and develop new skills. It's important to remember that this is a cycle and if you position yourself correctly, a temporary position can become more when recovery arrives. AppleOne is a great resource with the inside track to the best temporary positions available. Account Executives offer full-service career assistance while you earn immediately. In addition, AppleOne provides temporary associates with a complete menu of benefits including Medical, Dental, and Vision plans, participation in a credit union and 401k, and various bonus programs. To find out how AppleOne can help you with a temporary position, call (800) 564-5644 or go online to

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