Win Without Competing!: Career Success the Right Fit Way (Capital Ideas for Business & Personal Development)

by Arlene R. Barro
Capital Books, 224 pages, $17.95

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For job seekers, taking a look from the other side of the desk can be illuminating and inspiring. Author Arlene Barro was a search consultant and career coach before she decided to share her personal experiences. Her Right Fit Way encourages people to start expressing the totality of who they are and what they have to offer instead of focusing on competing with others. This method of focusing within and cultivating strengths sets Win Without Competing apart from other books. No matter where you are in your search, you will learn to shape, sell, and share your personal brand with the employer you know is right for you.

The Right Fit Method begins with defining your core identity--competencies, personality, and goals. Win Without Competing includes checklists, charts, and real life anecdotes of professionals discovering themselves and their true calling.

The first rule of Barro's Right Fit Method is "don't make assumptions" and she includes this list of prominent assumptions and their actualities:

  • Candidates assume that by the time an opening is posted, companies have a clear understanding of the opening they seek to fill. Actually, employers often only have a dim sense of the parameters. This is why they examine and interview many people, then redefine what they are looking for.

  • Individuals seeking the perfect opportunity believe it is wise to broadcast their resumes as widely as possible. Actually, this practice can get back to your employer and backfire on you. More importantly, you risk the danger of appearing desperate to potential employers.

Chapter Six, "Shaping Your Brand: The Right Fit" includes a revealing true life story involving Jason, a college candidate seeking an internship. After his interview, he must quickly change clothes and run across campus for basketball practice. Jason emerges from the bathroom wearing a t-shirt and shorts and nearly runs over the interviewer he'd met with minutes earlier. The next morning he gets a phone call informing him that he is the top candidate for the internship position. The lesson he learns is that charisma goes further than talent.

Whether you are in the market to switch jobs or embarking on a new career, Barro's success stories will motivate you to abandon guesswork and practice her Right Fit Method. Just as there are people best suited for jobs, it's easy for career seekers to lose sight of the fact that there are jobs best suited for them. Win Without Competing takes a refreshing, interactive approach to pitching your brand and focusing on how you fit into a position. It's a no-nonsense, confidence builder that will have you redefining where your true career interests lie.

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