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Q. I just got a temp job through AppleOne. When is payday?

A. Congratulations. AppleOne pays on a weekly basis. Upon completion of your work week, or the completion of your assignment (whichever comes first), complete and submit your on-line timecard, or mail or hand-deliver your completed paper time sheet to your local office. Your Account Executive will tell you which applies for you.

Your paycheck will be automatically sent to the AppleOne office in which you first registered. If, for any reason (such as a change of address), you would like to switch the office of delivery, please let your Account Executive know to ensure the proper changes are made.

Paychecks for Pick-up
Paychecks will be ready for pick-up each Friday. Only you, and persons designated by you, may pick up your paycheck. For more details, consult your Account Executive.

Mailed Paychecks
All paychecks not picked up by close of business on “payday” (Friday, at 5:00 p.m.) will be mailed to your designated address.

The answers to this and many other questions can be found in the AppleOne Welcome Book which is available at your local branch or on-line.

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