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Building Bridges with the Boss

Landing another position to move on to is always a positive, but some of those green lights you see stretching down your career road should be approached with caution. While you are preparing to move on, tensions can become heightened with your boss. Studies suggest that the person with the most influence on how you will fare in your job is your immediate boss. What these studies don’t show is how much your boss can influence you after you’ve left. When you’re preparing to take another job, it’s important to leave on good terms. Instead of burning your bridges, there are courtesies and approaches to take to minimize the damage and ensure that you have good references.


Super Effective Interview Tactics
by Robin Ryan

You must make the best impression possible and sell yourself effectively or someone else will get the job. Here are seven sure-fire ways to ace that crucial job interview.


A Survival Guide for Working with Bad Bosses
by Gini Graham Scott

There are guides to surviving layoffs and interviews, so why shouldn't there be one for bad bosses? Whether you currently have a difficult to deal with superior or may find one in charge of you down your career path, it's good to have tactics to cope. When workplace environments get negative, you need all the help you can get.  A Survival Guide… uses specific case studies and liberal doses of common sense to help professionals recognize problematic managers and take positive steps to improve their relationships with them.


Q. I just got a temp job through AppleOne. When is payday?

A. Congratulations. AppleOne pays on a weekly basis. Upon completion of your work week, or the completion of your assignment (whichever comes first), complete and submit your on-line timecard, or mail or hand-deliver your completed paper time sheet to your local office. Your Account Executive will tell you which applies for you.


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