Job Search Secrets Unlocked!
by Joseph S. Turner
Opa Publishing, 156 pages, $11.21

The first premise of Job Search Secrets Unlocked! is that job searching has changed drastically. Turner estimates that the average professional will have to conduct ten different job searches during their career. "In our business world, you will be expected to wear many hats now and to multitask with these added roles," he writes. Any job seeker trying to position themselves apart in a world that seems to have too few jobs being chased by too many job seekers will welcome this assemblage of common sense and uncommon, undisclosed tips.

Turner brings 15 years of recruiting experience to the table when he explains that recruiters and headhunters have the inside track to how to land positions. "The approach to take is to develop as many parallel job search strategies as possible," he writes. Job Search Secrets Unlocked! is then divided into sections on phone interviews, searching online, getting past gatekeepers, and, of course, networking. But before getting into tactics, Turner covers a checklist on what to do if you have lost a job or are just launching your search. The baker's dozen of practical tips to consider include:

It may take longer than you think — the worst part of a job search is at the beginning
Keep searching until you actually start to work on a new job — always keep irons in the fire
Try smaller companies with fewer than 100 employees — smaller companies are creating the majority of jobs
Buy a box of 'Thank You' notes — especially thank assistants

Those who are new to the job market will benefit most from the information here. Two of the most helpful sections are one on strategies for assuring yourself an in-person interview and the magic question to ask when you're rejected. Turner's conversational style takes away the stuffy formality associated with job hunting and replaces it with concrete strategies for networking and answering tough interview questions that inevitably arise.

Often after reading How To books, job seekers have a tendency to employ techniques without linking them to their own personal story. Job Search Secrets Unlocked! encourages professionals to "make it their own" and sync up their personal career goals with opportunities. This proactive approach is especially relevant in today's economy where standing out from the crowd and establishing that you are the answer to a hiring manager's problem is at a premium.