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Q. I submitted my resume to a company two weeks ago. I've tried calling a few times since then, but can't seem to get any response. I really want this job, but how long should I wait before moving on?

A. If you're like most people, you're probably going to need to apply to a number of jobs before finding your next opportunity, and you should be submitting those applications as soon as you learn of the position. Don't wait for one company to tell you "no" before moving on to company 2, 3 or 300. Keep applying to other positions right up until the point where you have a firm offer. It would be great if companies would give you a firm yes or no, but that often won't happen. Hiring managers get busy or just don't want to close any doors until their position is filled. So don't wait. Follow up diligently, but cast as many seeds as possible.