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Introducing On-Line Timecard through

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Great news for all AppleOne associates! All the hassles that come with completing and submitting your time sheets can now be a thing of the past. With the new On-Line Timecard, all you have to do is log on, clock in and you're done. No more carefully writing the hours you worked on your paper time sheets. No more having to find your assignment supervisor at the tail end of the workweek so that he or she can review and approve the hours you put in. And best of all, no more rushing to your AppleOne branch to ensure that your time card is submitted on time.

"Our priority is to make a working partnership with AppleOne as easy, productive and fulfilling for our associates as possible," says Vice President for Sales and Marketing Marc Goldman. "We understand that it can be challenging for associates to have to go to the branch just so they make the time sheet drop-off deadline. The On-Line Timecard system is just another example of our commitment to support our associates with the most innovative tools and resources."

Conveniently Web-Based
On-Line Timecard is accessible through any computer that has an Internet connection so that you can quickly log in, no matter where you are or what time it is. You may even access your On-Line Timecard account from the convenience of your own home. And because you enter your information directly into the system, your data is saved automatically, so you have the flexibility of entering your hours anytime you wish, whether it's on a daily basis, or at the end of the week so you can enter and then submit your timecard information in just one sitting.

Simply User-Friendly
In addition to convenience, the On-Line Timecard system is designed to make entering and submitting your timecards a breeze. You can copy and paste hours in if you work the same schedule throughout the week. From there, your total hours will be automatically calculated at the click of a button. To ensure you have the opportunity to double-check the data you entered, a screen showing your total hours will pop up for your review, and from there you can either Save or Submit your timecard. Once you submit your timecard information for the week, an E-mail will be automatically sent to your supervisor and your AppleOne Account Executive notifying them that your timecard is ready for review and approval. The On-Line Timecard system's tracking feature lets you, your supervisor and your AE see whether your timecard is Saved, Submitted, Approved or Processed.

Ready When You Are
So when can you replace your time sheet challenges with the convenience of On-Line Timecard?

The sooner, the better. Simply let your Account Executive know that you wish to convert to On-Line Timecard so that he or she can help you set up your account.

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