The 15 Second Principle: Short, Simple Steps to Achieving Long-Term Goals

by Al Secunda
Berkley Pub Group
176 pages, $9.60

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The new year brings a natural time for change. It offers a chance to look back on what you accomplished in the previous year, and an opportunity to look ahead and plan for your future. New Year's resolutions can be a great way to bring about personal and career growth. But, you have to be able to remain committed to your goals if you really want to get anywhere. Fortunately, we've found a tool that will help you do just that.

In the new year, it seems that everybody is making resolutions to change. Resolving to change is an important first step. You can't get anywhere you want to go without a map or directions, and you can't really effect personal change without a solid system of goals.

So, if you have resolved to improve some aspect of your career in the coming year, you are in good company. Every successful individual you could name has in one way or another done something very similar. Of course, anybody who has quit on his or her promise to change knows that resolving to change is often the easy part. Actually sticking to your resolutions can be a challenge. This is where a systematic approach to making and following through on goals can really come in handy.

In his book, The 15 Second Principle: Short, Simple Steps to Achieving Long-Term Goals, motivational expert Al Secunda offers a highly effective strategy that is at once simple and yet very powerful. Building on the idea that even the longest journey begins with a single step, The 15 Second Principle will help you find ways to break even your most spectacular and wide-reaching career goals down into more manageable, bite-sized tasks. These smaller steps are easier to face and complete. By carefully following the recommendations and exercises in this book, you will quickly find yourself on your way to unlocking your true, limitless potential.

In fact, Secunda's system is so simple it only requires that you work on your goals for 15 seconds a day. It sounds incredible, but this is really all that it takes. This is a very real system for personal growth and improvement. Think about it. Everybody, even the most stressed out, time-starved individuals, can manage a commitment of just 15 seconds a day. And, that is where The 15 Second Principle's power truly lies. By offering a way for anybody and everybody to include goal setting and achievement as an ongoing part of their lives, Secunda's book gives you the tools to do anything you set your mind to doing.

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