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Ask The Experts

I've been temping at ------------- for the past month. I'm very happy there. I've made some friends, and everybody seems to like me. I've just learned that there is a permanent position available, and I'm thinking about applying for it. What would be the best way to let them know I'm interested?

Congratulations on finding a company that you enjoy. The short answer is that you should let your Account Executive know about the position and your interest in it. The fact that the company has experience with you, and that you have proven yourself to be a valuable member of the team can certainly stack the deck in your favor, but you need to let your AppleOne representative know about your goals with this company so that we can go to work for you to help you secure the position.

In the broader sense, keeping your Account Executive in the loop is always going to be crucial to getting the most out of your AppleOne experience. We have to know what you're thinking and what you're working toward so that we can be on the look-out for the right opportunities for you. Some of our associates are only interested in temporary assignments. Temporary positions can be very rewarding, offering variety, flexibility and an opportunity to gain additional experience and skills.

Others we represent are only interested in Direct Hire opportunities. They prefer the security of something that is a little more steady, and finding a place to belong is more important than ensuring they have an opportunity to enjoy variety and meeting lots of new people.

Whether your interests are in temporary, direct hire or both, we want to help you. We need your help in learning about the positions you find that interest you, and your general goals for you career, and your continued relationship with AppleOne. So, call that Account Executive today, and let's land you that Direct Hire opportunity.