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Career Issues

Tax Time Tips for AppleOne Associates

To help ensure you are able to file your taxes in a timely manner, AppleOne will be distributing W2 Forms via U.S. Mail beginning January 22, 2003. Please allow up to two weeks delivery time before requesting duplicate copies of your W2. A notification outlining this mailing date will be included in your payroll checks beginning the first week of January. More...

Career Spotlight

If you have a can-do attitude, relish multiple projects, possess a diverse repertoire of talents and skills, and want more than what is considered a typical desk job, keep your eyes open for an Operations Assistant opportunity. It's difficult to pigeonhole what an Operations Assistant does, which is why it appeals to those who have multiple talents and a taste for spontaneity and adventure. One such individual is Kristen H., who is currently having the time of her life as an Operations Assistant at an airpark (a small airport typically located near a business area or industrial park) just north of Los Angeles, California. So as to give you an up-close look at what an Operations Assistant position entails, we joined Kristen for a typical day on the job. More...

Book Review

The 15 Second Principle: Short, Simple Steps to Achieving Long-Term Goals
-by Al Secunda

The new year brings a natural time for change. It offers a chance to look back on what you accomplished in the previous year, and an opportunity to look ahead and plan for your future. New year's resolutions can be a great way to bring about personal and career growth. But, you have to be able to remain committed to your goals if you really want to get anywhere. Fortunately, we've found a tool that will help you do just that. More...

Ask the Experts

Q. I've been temping at______________for the past month. I'm very happy there. I've made some friends, and everybody seems to like me. I've just learned that there is a permanent position available, and I'm thinking about applying for it. What would be the best way to let them know I'm interested?

A. Congratulations on finding a company that you enjoy. The short answer is that you should let your Account Executive know about the position and your interest in it. The fact that the company has experience with you, and that you have proven yourself to be a valuable member of the team can certainly stack the deck in your favor, but you need to let your AppleOne representative know about your goals with this company so that we can go to work for you to help you secure the position. More...


Standing Out Without Sticking Out

Excelling as an employee calls for more than proving your professional competence – if you want true success, you're going to have to dress for it! Whether you are trying to fit in, get promoted or are seeking to persuade a potential client or customer, keep this in mind: While it takes mere seconds to make an impression, the kind of impression you make will have a long-term impact on your career. As your committed career partner, AppleOne has compiled some tips to help you be – and look – your best. More...


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Temps of the Month

Congratulations to Those Who Made it this Month! More...