AppleOne provides a great service to those seeking employment.

- Nicholas Schmid -


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You're An AppleOne Associate Now... Need Some Success Tips?

Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions.
A new assignment isn't always easy to start. New duties may be challenging for a number of reasons. To help cut down your anxieties, it's important to ask questions. Every business runs differently. Business correspondence, spreadsheets, reports...every company will expect your work to fit their corporate "look." If you're not sure what this is, ask!

Dress the Part.
First impressions are everything! As an AppleOne associate, you represent AppleOne every time you are sent out on assignment. By "dressing the part," you not only make yourself look good, you also send the message that you are a professional to the company you are sent to.

Keep Busy.
Companies may not have a steady work load for you. You may find that you have lapses in duties, or "down time" between projects. If this happens, you have an excellent opportunity to show off your professionalism and work ethic! Instead of taking that time to read a magazine, or make personal calls, go to your supervisor, or the person you contacted on your first day of the assignment, and ask if they have any additional duties you can relieve them of. This will show them that you are a dedicated, diligent worker. Remember, keeping yourself busy will spell job security in the long run!

Follow Company Rules.
It's important to follow set company rules. Get to work on time and don't leave early! Make sure you follow company dress codes and remember, it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed! Breaks may occur at set times throughout the day - don't be afraid to ask when these are, and if you smoke, make sure you know which areas are designated for such activities.

If You Are Having Problems On A Particular Assignment...
On rare occasions, applicants and assignments just don't match. If this happens to you, it is important that you contact your AppleOne representative as soon as possible. They will inform you what to do.

Remember that the image you present on any given assignment will affect the way you are treated while on that assignment. The impression you give a company may affect the length of your stay, as well as the level of satisfaction you receive!

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The representatives at AppleOne are very professional and are focused on getting you a job quickly. They have your best interest at hand and are dedicated to finding a job that suits your career path. If you aren't comfortable with a job they have found for you, they will happily continue looking until the right one is found. Very pleasant experience overall.

- Kevin Gurnett -


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