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It is a good way to branch out when looking for employment.

- Ed Henry -


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Getting Noticed in Today's Workplace

Working hard and performing at a high level is the best way to get noticed in today's workplace, but there are things you can do if you're not registering on the supervisor's radar. The first step is to realize that recognition is an important aspect of any successful career. In today's competitive workplace, competition is at a premium, and getting noticed is more important than ever. Think of recognition as the seeds that are nourished and eventually blossom into personal and financial rewards for your career. 

Getting On The Right Track

Gaining visibility is a challenge, but all great challenges begin with the basics. The basics lay the foundation for achieving bigger and better things in the eyes of your employer.

Ways to get on the right track:

  • Always arrive early, alert and fully prepared for your assignment
  • Dress professionally and appropriately for your specific position
  • Set up your work space with an eye toward productivity
  • Recognize talents in others and they will be more apt to recognize yours

Showcasing Your Talents

Letting your work speak for itself is usually good enough, but when you want to get noticed these are some things you can do to showcase yourself.

  1. Meet workers in other departments: While it's essential to focus on your specific assignment, it helps to understand the structure outside of your department and develop relationships with others. Increasing your knowledge of the rest of the company sends a message to your supervisor that you are interested in branching out and growing. Concentrating only within your department can breed a sense of security that stifles you from accepting other challenges.
  2. Find a mentor: Workplace mentors are invaluable resources. Find someone in your field that you can respect and trust whose outlook and career goals are similar to your own. A mentor will be able to “show you the ropes” in a new environment and introduce you a company's specific culture. Odds are, your supervisor benefited from a mentor and will notice that you are benefiting as well. 
  3. Be proactive about learning new technologies: It's good to be ahead of the wave where new technologies are concerned. Enroll in classes and take advantage of AppleOne's tutorials to become an authority. Read professional journals and consult the Web for up-to-the minute developments to keep up on the burgeoning technologies in your field. On-line newsgroups and message boards can identify today's trends that will become tomorrow's realities.
  4. Get to know the boss: What sort of people succeed with your supervisor? Are they the ones who exceed expectations or the ones who stick around after hours? Take the time to figure out your supervisor's priorities. Whether they focus on satisfying clients, employees, or value beating up on the competition. When you know more about your boss you can devote effort to areas that will register on the radar.
  5. Tackle an unpopular task: There may be a challenging, time intensive task that other workers are afraid to take on. Volunteering for it will set you apart from the pack in your supervisor's eyes. You don't want to take on more than you can handle, but if you're up to the challenge, go for it. Even if the project isn't an unqualified success, you will be remembered as the one who dared to be great.

Join an outside group: Participating in professional organizations that are valued by your employer can enhance your chances for getting noticed. Your experiences will also make you a more versatile and well-rounded person. Community work can include representing the company at Chamber of Commerce events or working for charities.


I had a very good professional and personal experience and would highly recommend AppleOne to anyone who is looking to expand their career opportunities.

- Philip Englett -


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