I have never been so impressed with the service, speed, and professionalism as I was with AppleOne. If anyone is truly looking for a position in today's work force, with a top notch company they should be calling on AppleOne.

- Cassandra -


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Handling Conflict As An AppleOne Associate

You've begun your newest assignment, and with luck you will enjoy your new job and get along with all of your co-workers. But let's be realistic: this is an imperfect world and you might encounter difficult people on the job. You may even meet people who seem to dislike you, even though you have just met. There's a chance that the policies of a company will seem unreasonable to you, or you may think the rules they impose are unfair. It is a fact of life that there will sometimes be stressful situations on a job, but the key is always how you react to situations. And the fact is you don't have get stressed out. 

As an AppleOne associate, the way you respond to difficult situations will reflect not only upon yourself, but AppleOne as well. So if your working conditions prove less than ideal, let us know and we'll do our best to appraise and amend the situation. In the meantime, follow these guidelines on how to handle yourself when things get too hot to handle: 

  • Call your account executive immediately if you have any concerns about your assignment. Do not attempt to resolve the conflict yourself. Remember, your account executive is there to help you and mediate, no matter what the problem. If the problem cannot be resolved, your account executive will arrange for you to end the assignment early and move on to a better situation.
  • Do not take anything personally. If someone acts irritable toward you, they have a problem, but not necessarily with you. Remember that a cranky person could be in a bad mood because of personal reasons that have nothing to do with you or your work. So do not take offense if you are faced with someone in a bad mood. Remove yourself from the scene as quickly as possible, but remain cheerful. Give everyone time to cool down.
  • If you make a mistake, admit to it and then work to fix it. To err is human, so don't worry about messing up once in a while. Accept responsibility for your mistakes and fix them. People will respect you if you are big enough to admit your errors. They will cherish you if you then do what is necessary to repair them. 
  • Do not blow your top! It's crucial to remain calm and not engage in any sort of verbal or physical confrontation with anyone, even if you are faced with hostility. "Fighting fire with fire" will only fuel a bad situation, so no matter how horribly someone is acting, do not react. Call your account executive immediately when a conflict arises. 

Emotions can run high during stressful moments, so keep your cool. Like the old commercial says, "Never let them see you sweat," especially in a business setting. When you maintain the highest level of professionalism in stressful situations, you will come out ahead every time.


My experience with AppleOne has always been good. I signed up with AppleOne 5 years ago while searching for a job. I was referred to another office and was placed in an HR Analyst position with the Administrative Office of the Courts. Two weeks later, I applied for the position and was hired on a permanent basis. I've been here for 5 years. I was a recruiter for 2 years and we had the opportunity to often work with AppleOne for our temp needs. It was always a pleasure and they have provided us with many top HR professionals, many of which have been hired permanently. I would recommend AppleOne over all agencies.

- Laura Pellegrini -


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