My experience with AppleOne really boosted my confidence and helped me appreciate the skills possess and my marketability. My recruiter's personality is perfect for her position. Her attention to detail and sample interview questions helped me appreciate that I was on the right track by having a set of my own. She even added two questions that I hadn't thought of. My overall experience with AppleOne was the shot of encouragement I needed in my journey to get back into the workforce.

- Jennifer J. Owens -


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Making Technology Resources Work for You

Going into an interview prepared and bringing that something extra to the table is what separates average candidates from standouts. Serious career seekers use every possible resource they can to put themselves in a position to excel. The better you understand what resources are available to you and how to use them, the quicker you'll find yourself on a career path that excites and motivates you each morning.

The Internet is a powerful new tool for career seekers. It can be a big and confusing place though—particularly if you're new to it. That's why AppleOne's web site is a great place to start. Packed with information and thousands of career listings, it makes finding a job on the Internet fast and simple.

Of course, the first step to using the Internet is getting on-line with a reliable service provider. As we conduct our interviews across the country, we're naturally very interested in how many of our associates are on-line and how you all are using the Internet. AppleOne is committed to assisting you with your career development in every way possible, including helping you to harness this new tool that the Internet seems to have become. As we conducted our informal survey, one company quickly emerged as the service provider of choice for our associates, with the same dedication to service and reliability that is so important to all of us at AppleOne. That's why we are pleased to be able to partner with EarthLink Sprint to get every AppleOne associate who wants to onto the Internet easily and quickly. Simply talk to your Account Executive to get all the software and instructions you'll need.

If you are already on-line, the next step is making sure you get the most you can out of the Web. You may check job listings regularly and e-mail resumes, but with any developing technology, there's always room to learn. Keeping up with on-line innovations and opportunities can be a full time job in itself, and there are always new ways to use the Internet.

Research and get to know companies in your career field by visiting their web sites. Knowing your target is the first step to making an impact on them. "A candidate who goes into an interview and already knows about the company and how they might fit in there is 10 steps ahead of everybody else," says Account Executive Chris Spangler. Pay special interest to the growth of the business and the role you might have with them. Create a realistic vision of your future there.

Following links from sites can also yield valuable information in your field. If you come across something that seems like a good fit, let your Account Executive know about it. The more information you can provide, the quicker your Account Executive can make all your career goals come true. Establish an open line of communication with your Account Executive and always stay in touch.

On-line discussion groups and message boards can aid your job search. Forums and chat rooms are places to exchange ideas and information. If you want to improve your tennis game, you play with someone better than you. Apply this philosophy by seeking out more experienced and knowledgeable people, and take the opportunity to learn from them. Ask questions and listen closely. Gravitate toward these people in on-line forums and chat rooms and the results will pay off.

Books may seem old fashioned in the cyber age, but they still contain a wellspring of information for career seekers. Account Executives distribute AppleOne's Core to Success career search guides to associates. AppleOne recently began reviewing helpful books available on our web site in the Tools for Career Seekers section. Titles like The Guide to Internet Job Searching and Resumes in Cyberspace are valuable texts that should be required reading. Magazines are another resource and publications like Career and Employment Review contain columns, tips & hints, Q&As, and special features.

Job Fairs and college career centers are helpful hubs for career seekers. They center around a nearly limitless resource that can greatly enhance your search—people. Networking with people in your field is crucial. "Referrals are still a great way to get a job," says Spangler. The persistent, "keep me in mind" method can open doors. "I dealt with a high level Human Resources manager who kept in contact with me for a total of five years," relates Kristi Cann, Branch Manager in Torrance. "She was having difficulties with the other agencies and resources she was using. I recently placed her as a Human Resources Director through our Tustin office."

Education is another invaluable resource available to career seekers. Community colleges and universities consistently offer courses that can introduce you to new skills, or reinforce skills that might be a little rusty. Computer courses are an obvious place to start because even if you have a solid foundation it helps to keep up with advances. You can start by getting together with your Account Executive to determine what additional skills will make you more marketable.

The demand for Web savvy workers promises to grow even greater. According to The Open Market's Internet Index, only five U.S. cities have greater than 50% Internet penetration among adults. It's estimated that 37% of domestic small businesses have web sites. This translates to tremendous opportunity for those who have experience with technology. Aside from on the job experience, the classroom is a great place to master computer skills.

While AppleOne itself is your main resource, anything that can give you more leverage or help you be prepared for an interview is well worth your time. Keep success stories in mind. There are career seekers out there just like you who utilized the Web effectively or maintained contact with Account Executives, and their efforts ultimately paid off.

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AppleOne is excellent in their service to get one employed. They are doing a great job!

- Benjamin Ilo -


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