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As soon as I walked into AppleOne I was greeted with friendly faces. I was in the office for about an hour and a half and in that time I was well taken care of and even learned some things that I hadn't known before about job seeking.

- Brianna Tillman -


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How Flexible Are YOU?

Staying flexible isn't just sound physical advise; mental flexibility is the key to remaining a successful temporary associate. For example, the more flexible your schedule, the more likely you are to get that "choice" assignment. That means keeping your schedule open, your answering machine on and checking it frequently. If you have a beeper, keep it on and make sure your Account Executive has the number. Staying in contact with your AppleOne Account Executive is the key to landing the kinds of positions you are looking for.

But being flexible doesn't stop there. As a temporary associate on assignment, you are one of the most flexible people around. You are able to change duties, responsibilities, supervisors, even locations at a moment's notice.

Every assignment expands your "comfort zone" and helps you become a more flexible employee. Remaining flexible will open doors you might not have previously considered, allowing for continued growth throughout your career.

At times, this constant change can be trying, you may like to view some of the helpful hints we've learned from other temporary associates in the field:

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The Staff was VERY Professional and helpful

- Mark Walker -


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