My experience went well, and everyone was very friendly and professional. I will and have recommended AppleOne to my friends.

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Setting Goals In The New Year

With the old year behind us, and a new one ahead, now is a natural time to take stock of your career. Have you achieved the short-term goals you've set for yourself? Have you even set goals or developed a plan for your career?

We all have areas we'd like to improve. What those areas are, and what goals we should set for ourselves is for the most part a question of personal evaluation. Still there are some general areas where we could all benefit. Here are a few to get you thinking, but don't let these limit you.

Continue Your Education
Gone are the days when school was what you did when you were young. Today, the world and the skills you need to excel change at a blazingly fast pace. To achieve personal growth and success, we all must commit to a philosophy of life-long learning. This doesn't necessarily have to mean going back to school, although it can. Talk to your Account Executive for ways for you to gain new computer skills.

Whether in the office or the community, volunteering can be personally and/or financially rewarding. We all have a good idea of how fulfilling it can be to share our time and abilities in helping others. With our hectic schedule, it's easy to loose sight of how effective this can be in the office as well. Offer to take on new assignments. You'll get an opportunity to gain new skills and responsibilities, and you'll be one step closer to making yourself an invaluable member of the office that employers are eager to keep around.

Manage Your Time
We could all use more time. Unfortunately, nobody's found a way to make the day any longer. There is another option though. Sometimes all we need to get that extra time is to free up some of the time we're loosing by not using proper time-management. If you're one of those people, get yourself an organizer and commit to using it.

Strive For Excellence
With the pressures we all face, it's easy to slide into a mentality of "It's good enough." If nobody seems to care, that it isn't any better then what's the point right? Wrong. If we spend our lives toiling away at tasks that nobody, not even ourselves, care about, then how could we be anything but miserable. Jobs become burdens that we have to drag ourselves to, and life becomes less fulfilling for us and the people with whom we come into contact. Choose instead to seek the satisfaction that comes from a job well done. Stretch yourself to exceed even your own expectations, and the most mundane task becomes a source of joy and self-worth.

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AppleOne emphasizes open communication and professionalism. If I had known the difference between AppleOne's practices in comparison to another well known staffing agency, I would have chosen AppleOne first.

- Anne White -


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