Oh! AppleOne is awesome......the best......i can say this because I've been to other agencies before and i did not experience this professionalism before....thanks again.....

- Lynn Dale Bosuego -


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Casual vs. Professional Attire In The Workplace — What Message Are YOU Sending?

The job market is competitive; you need to take every measure available to stay ahead of the competition. Perception is reality, and peoples opinions are shaped by what you wear.

You may be the most professional, educated applicant a potential new employer has spoken to, but if you don't look the part, you may not get the chance to show him / her your "stuff."

From the employer's point of view, if you haven't mastered the simple art of presenting yourself appropriately, you probably have not mastered the more important, complicated skills required in the workplace.

Also, while employers try to be fair and impartial, ultimately they often hire people they like, and people like other people that look and act like they do. That means that your goal should be to try to emulate your supervisor's style of dress.

When in doubt, for instance in an interview or short assignment, you don't have a chance to gage a supervisor's typical style of dress, it is always better to be over dressed than under dressed.

For our temporary professionals, it's can be hard to know what style of clothing you'll need, but it is easier to dress up a conservative piece with some attractive accessories than make a flashy item look conservative. Before you purchase an item of business clothing, you should be thinking about what image it will project and chose accordingly. Ask yourself if the particular item will or will not help you succeed. Dressing for success is not just a clever saying, it's reality.

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I was extremely impressed with both the administration of AppleOne Services and my agent. Finding myself in the job market after being self employed for a number of years has been a daunting experience. she has been a powerhouse and wealth of information, keeping me informed, updated, sourcing relevant opportunities and a super "go-getter" for me. I'm extremely confident that I will find the perfect career opportunity with AppleOne on my side.

- Lauren Sherman Falche -


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