My experience with AppleOne has always been good. I signed up with AppleOne 5 years ago while searching for a job. I was referred to another office and was placed in an HR Analyst position with the Administrative Office of the Courts. Two weeks later, I applied for the position and was hired on a permanent basis. I've been here for 5 years. I was a recruiter for 2 years and we had the opportunity to often work with AppleOne for our temp needs. It was always a pleasure and they have provided us with many top HR professionals, many of which have been hired permanently. I would recommend AppleOne over all agencies.

- Laura Pellegrini -


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On The Road Again ...
Make Your Commute Time Work For You!

You're on the freeway stuck in rush-hour traffic, or maybe you're cruising along a "secret" back-road route you discovered in a moment of desperation. In either case, you've got time on your hands, or should we say, ears? If your car has a cassette player, your drive to work could be turned into a tutoring session offering you ideas on how to be more organized, proficient, or even learn another language!

Many book stores now carry a variety of audio cassettes dealing with a number of themes. Besides a number of "books on tape" now available, which offer entertainment and relaxation to the driver, there are now many educational selections.

Take a moment to discuss with your Account Executive which areas you might consider improving.

If you have difficulty handling a number of tasks at once , you might look for a cassette that tells you how to manage your time more efficiently and prioritize tasks. If you have trouble remembering what people tell you, you may want to pick up a cassette that deals with ways to listen more accurately and retain the information more easily.

If you aren't feeling the need to improve in any particular area, listening to a cassette on a topic of personal interest to you may help pass the time more quickly as well as expand your skills. For example, learning a second, or additional language is a sure-fire method of becoming more marketable. Many companies deal on an international level. Fluency in a language, such as Spanish, will make you a more attractive candidate for many positions.

Managing your time well means using your time efficiently. Instead of listening to morning radio shows, turn your morning and evening commutes into mini-classes.

No matter what industry you chose for your career, there will always be more you can learn. You can always learn to do your job in a more efficient manner. Additional methods and philosophies of working may be found on educational cassettes. Give it a try. Keep up the good work, your eyes on the road and your ears tuned to the future!

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My recruiter had so much to do with my positive experience. He is the role model of how a recruiter should perform. I was very encouraged, hopeful and excited to know there are potential opportunities that could be the fit to my experience.

- Linda Froehlich -


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