I recently found myself unemployed after my wife was forced to relocate her job out of state. I found myself with few connections being that I was in a new city and a new state, and I wasn't quite sure what steps to take next. A former employer pointed me in the direction of AppleOne. My recruiter was exceedingly kind and very adept at uncovering my strong suits after our first meeting. She was very upfront about my chances of finding a job right away due to the very high unemployment level (which I appreciated), but she was on the case right away anyway. Well, much to my surprise,my rep called me back the NEXT DAY and thought she might have found a good match for me. I interviewed with the company and was hired one day later. I was in shock to find myself employed so quickly -- and with a great company, to boot. I really appreciated her hard work -- and the rest of the staff at AppleOne -- for getting me back on my feet in a timely manner.

- Jason Nielsen -


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Keeping On Top Of Things Will Get You What You Want!

The key word is: Update!
Your passport to the kinds of jobs you desire is a well written, up-to-date resume. As you work, you add new skills and experiences. Make certain your Account Executive has a current resume on file.

If you don't have one prepared already, now is the time. If you're not sure how to do this, your Account Executive can help you avoid some of the common mistakes. Or simply go to our on-line form that will walk you through the process.

Your resume should be clean, clear and concise. Highlight your successes and achievements and if you're going for a specific job, tailor your resume accordingly to bring out the qualities you possess which will help you secure that position.

In addition to your resume, you should have a current, updated list of business references. Don't forget to ask people if it is alright to use them as a reference.

If you know you're up for a job, it's a good idea to contact your references to let them know they may be contacted by "such and such" company. If you know that certain skills will be required for the position, ask your references to stress your expertise at those skills, i.e. organization, customer service, etc. References will be contacted by your AppleOne Account Executive to help evaluate your performance during previous employment. If you have been with AppleOne for some time, your supervisors from your assignments are your references. Their evaluation of your work is on file with your Account Executive to help place you in future assignments.

As you learned in the last Core, the thank you note is a powerful tool and should be sent after every interview. Again, keep it clean, clear and concise. Compose a note specific to the interview to avoid "form letter" techniques. If you are unclear on how this note should be written, consult your Account Executive.

Keeping on top of things means staying updated. As you acquire new skills and experiences, your resume and list of references will change. Having a current resume for distribution can mean the difference between getting the job of your dreams and just settling on a job. Your Account Executive does their best to match you with local companies. Keeping your resume and references updated will help them sell you to the companies in which you are interested.

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The employees know what they are doing and they are quick to act.

- William Kirsling -


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