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I felt like I was being treated like a person, and not like just another applicant. I've been on quite a few interviews here lately, and I felt better leaving this interview than I have in a while.

- Terri Stafford -


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Develop Your Skills To Increase Your Marketability As A Temporary Associate

Would you like to work more? Are you interested in being offered some of AppleOne's high-paying, prestige jobs? The key to being offered the really choice assignments is skills. The more skills you have, the easier it is to match yourself to all of those great, high-paying jobs you will love.

One of the easiest areas for you to improve your palate of skills is in computer software. The more programs you demonstrate proficiency in, the more likely it is that your name will be flagged when an account executive has a great job to fill.

If there are programs you have worked with that you do not think your Account Executive knows about, by all means tell them. Then you will be able to arrange a time when you can go to your local AppleOne office, and have yourself tested on that software, so that it can be included in your skills profile.

Not ready to be tested yet? No problem. AppleOne can help you there too. In many areas of the country, AppleOne is in partnership with schools that will be able to bring you up to speed on all of the most sought after computer skills.

Remember there are a lot of software packages that seem to do similar things, but still require a slightly different skill set. For instance, just because you have worked with Microsoft Word does not mean that your name will come up when an employer is looking for somebody with WordPerfect experience. Similarly, it is great if you have Excel experience, but you might be missing out on a job requiring Lotus 1 2 3. Also, consider developing skills in multiple operating systems. In the business world PC skills are most sought after, but you might find yourself being offered more jobs if you can work on a Mac as well.

Call your Account Executive, and ask them to recommend which software packages would do the most to make you more marketable. Then ask them what training methods are available to you in your area. Frequently you will be able to qualify for substantial AppleOne associate discounts. In some cases where you have worked with AppleOne for more than 500 hours, you may have even earned free training sessions.

Your local AppleOne office has arranged some other method for computer training or could point you in the right direction.

Remember, even if you have experience with a software package, upgrades are constantly coming out. It is important to stay as current as possible with all of the major computer software.

If you believe you have all the software skills you need, maybe it is time to look at going to school to pick up some experience in another field like accounting. Once again, you should call your Account Executive to discuss your interests and get some additional thoughts on how best to profit by them.

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I am very pleased with my AppleOne experience. I would strongly recommend that anyone searching for a job go to AppleOne.

- Stephanie Murphy -


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